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Online software tool for health professionals designed to manage, report and analyse your clients. Proven to help retention

The Health & Fitness Set up comes with 500 subjects , 2 operators, all modules ( excluding group data) plus a FREE Nesco cholesterol & Glucose unit.

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£ 600.00

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Health Checks, Fitness Assessing, MOT's, Corporate Outreach- Proven to help retention is our new globally endorsed online health platform delivering clinically and academically endorsed assessment protocols to health professionals

It also provides the subject with a ‘jargon’ free health appraisal report with next steps for self-improvement. Reports can be directly emailed along with facts sheets, easily customised with company logos and include a choice of 65 + assessments to suit your requirements.

Example Report

Hosted with Microsoft , the software is ideal for Health Checks, Fitness Assessing, MOT's, corporate outreach

One provider states that wellbeing memberships have a retention rate of 90 % in year one, read more here

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We offer a full utility free trial, no credit card required. We are very happy to discuss needs, please call us on 0118 324 0061 for more info.

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Full Assessment Protocol List

Lifestyle Module
Leisure/Work time Activity
Quick Stress Indicator
Quick Nutritional Analysis
Sleep Risk Questionnaire
Family Health and Exercise History Record
Smoking and Alcohol Questionnaire

Physical Module
Body 4 Site Calliper (YMCA)
Composition 4 Site Calliper (Durnin & Womersley)
3 Site Calliper (YMCA)
3 Site Calliper (Jackson & Pollock)
2 Site Calliper (Slaughter)
7 Site Calliper (Jackson & Pollock)
Waist/Hip Ratio
Waist Measurement
Basic Impendance
Full Impendance Analysis
Flexibility Full ROM assessments
Sit & Reach
Lumbar Sacral Spine Flexion
Strength Grip Strength
Leg and Back
Partial Curl-ups
Bent Knee Sit-ups
Bench press 1 rep max
Lung Function Full Spirometry (FVC, FEV1, FER, PEFR)
Peak Flow (PEFR)
Aerobic Astrand Cycle Test (Manual)
Capacity Chester Step Test
Queens College Step Test
Harvard Step Test
MSFT (Bleep Test)
12 minute/1.5 Mile run
1 Mile Walk
Borg Scale RPE
Bruce Protocol (Treadmill)
Blood RHR
Pressure Blood pressure
Bloods Blood Sugar
Total Cholesterol
TC/HDL Ratio
Full blood profile
Pre- Medical Questionnaire
Urine Analysis Blood
Cardiac Risk Joint British Societies (JBS2)
Dundee Cardiac
Framingham Cardiac

Full colour exercise illustrations
Programme Card developer
Import exercise facility
Use/edit layout templates or create your own

fitness assesment wizard from Fitech Global on Vimeo.