Unistik Disposable Lancets

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Single Use Lancets available in 2 types, Extra in packs size 100 &  and Normal in pack size 50 & 100.  21 gauge safety lancet with increased penetration depth for increased blood sample. Suitable for both 15ul and 40ul tests.

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COO UK/CC 9018.31.0090

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£ 20.00

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The Unistik 3 needle point is hidden before use and automatically retracts after use to avoid accidental needlestick injuries and cross infection (1)Unistik 3 has an additional visual lockout feature (4). Should an attempt be made to misuse the device, there is a clear indication to the operator that the device has been used and should be disposed of in a suitable sharps container

Easy to use

The Unistik 3 range is colour coded for easy recognitionUnistik 3 is pre-set and ready for use (1). Just twist off the protective sterile cap and take the sample

Maximum comfort

Side firing action to provide extra comfort for both patient and professional (2)Unistik 3 features unique Comfort Zone Technology (3) that allows ultimate control and comfort when lancing. Comfort Zone Technology** increases comfort when lancing by targeting the sensation and perception.