PTS CHOL/GLU/ TRIG- High/Low MultiChemistry Control Solution

721-MC340 exp31.03.22

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The PTS Panel® Multichemistry control kit is used to check that the CardioChek® test system is working correctly.

To be used as part of your quality control system. Use monthly and to trouble shoot adverse results.

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For use with CardioChek Total Cholesterol, Triglycerides, Glucose, and Ketone test strips. Two vials: Level 1 and Level 2, one vial of each

Quality control solutions are tested on a test strip in the same manner a blood sample would be run. A drop of control solution (instead of a drop of blood) is applied to the strip. In 1-2 minutes, the CardioChek analyzer will display a result. If the result falls within the specified range, the system is working satisfactorily. If not, the test should be repeated or call Fitech for further information. It is recommended practice to test controls before testing your blood to ensure best quality results.

Instructions for use

  1. Turn on the CardioChek analyzer.
  2. Insert the MEMo Chip for the lot of PTS Panels test strips you are using.
  3. Press the Enter button. The analyzer will display RUN TEST.
  4. Press the Next button twice to scroll to UTILITY.
  5. Press the Enter button. The analyzer will display CK STRIP.
  6. Press the Next button once. The analyzer will display RUN CONTROL.
  7. Press the Enter button. The analyzer will display the lot number for the MEMo Chip and test strip. Then it will display INSERT STRIP.
  8. Insert a test strip. The analyzer will then display APPLY CONTROL.
  9. Dispense one drop from the Level 1 Control vial. The analyzer will display CONTROL, and after about two minutes will display the control result.
  10. Record the result.
  11. Compare the displayed result to the range of values established for the lot of strips with the lot of controls being used.
  12. Remove the test strip.
  13. Repeat steps 7-10 with the Level 2 Control.
  14. If both the High and Low results fall within the acceptable ranges, the system is functioning properly. If not, clean analyzer, check that correct MEMo chip and test strip combination are being used, and repeat the test. If the results fail to fall within range call Fitech